Conservation Office

Conservation Office

Business Hours: Monday – Friday | 8:00am to 4:30pm

Conservation Board Members: Rich Govig (Chair), Judy Kennedy, Sandra Sothman, , and Blaine Behnken.

Executive Director:
Micah Lee

Employees in Conservation Office:
Interpretive Naturalist: Lora Kanning
Park Superintendent: Ryan Lockwood

Cold Springs Camping Survey:

Cass County Conservation Naturalist Programs:

Cass County Field Trips:

Cass County Conservation
57744 Lewis Road
Lewis, Iowa 51544

(712) 769-2372
fax. (712) 769-2392


The Cass County Conservation Board was established in 1958 as the county resource agency with the authority to acquire lands specifically for recreation and conservation. Each member of the board is appointed by the Cass County Board of Supervisors and is appointed for five-year terms. The Cass County Conservation Board is dedicated to wildlife habitat development, management and preservation. These goals are reached by purchasing land for wildlife, by improving habitat quality and by providing educational programs for the citizens of the county. The Conservation Board currently meets the Third Thursday of every month at 4:30pm at Cold Springs Park, in Lewis, IA.

The Conservation Board currently has 14 areas under its management agreements including three parks, Cold Springs, Hitchcock Recreational Area, and Pellett Memorial Woods. These areas provide county residents with a diversity of outdoor activities including; camping, picnicking, swimming, fossil digging, fishing, hunting, and nature study.

Downloadable Forms

Downloadable forms used in the Conservation Office’s office.

Cass County Conservation Job Opportunities

Director: Micah Lee
Micah earned his undergraduate degree from Simpson College in Environmental Science. He has worked for the IA DNR for the past 6 years as a Wildlife Technician. Originally from Massena, he is excited to work back in his home County!

Naturalist: Lora Kanning
Lora graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and began duties with the Cass County Conservation Board as a Naturalist since October 2007. Naturalists provide environmental education programs to citizens of their county.

Park Superintendent: Ryan Lockwood
Ryan is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State and began duties with the Cass County Conservation Board in May of 2006.

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