Weed Commissioner


Weed Commissioner

Business Hours:  Monday – Friday | Coming soon

Weed Commissioner:
Dennis Vogl

Weed Commissioner
% Cass County Auditor
5 W 7th St
Atlantic IA 50022

Phone: (712) 250-1085

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Duties of the Weed Commissioner


The Cass County Weed Commissioner is responsible for supervising the control and destruction of weeds in Cass County. The weed eradication program has been developed in an effort to eliminate noxious weeds from the lands in Cass County. The weed commissioner is appointed by the Board of Supervisors pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 317 of the Code of Iowa as follows.

The Weed Commissioner will be appointed effective March 1 and continue for a term at the discretion of the County Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors shall prescribe the time of the year that the Weed Commissioner shall perform duties under Iowa Code 317 when noxious weeds can effectively be killed.

At the direction of the County Board of Supervisors the Weed Commissioner shall supervise the control and destruction of all noxious weeds in the county, including those growing within the limits of cities, within the confines of abandoned cemeteries, and along streets and highways.

Each year the Board of Supervisors establish a program regarding the destruction of noxious weeds in Cass County. View the 2018 “Noxious Weed Control Program”

Phoned, text or emailed complaints may be filed with the county weed commissioner.  Written complaints may be filed with the Cass County Auditor (written complaints do not have to be signed).  State the reason for the complaint, the general location of the property, a description of the property, and the owners and/or tenants in control of the land.