Cass County Primary Election Information


A primary election is an election in which voters in a jurisdiction select candidates for a subsequent election (nominating primary). In other words, primary elections are generally when each political party decides its nominee for the upcoming general election. Primaries are common in the United States, where they trace their origin to the progressive movement. Elsewhere in the world, the nomination of candidates is usually the responsibility of political parties and does not make use of the public apparatus for holding elections.

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Current Election Information

2020 Primary Election Precincts


You are hereby notified that on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 between 7:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. a PRIMARY
ELECTION will be held for all qualified electors of Cass County to select certain candidates to appear on
the General Election ballot, November 3, 2020.
The candidates to be voted for are displayed on the accompanying sample ballots. Names, however,
will be rotated from precinct to precinct where there are more candidates than positions to be selected for
a given office.
Not all offices appear in all precincts – see ‘SAMPLE BALLOTS’.

COMBINED PRECINCT 1 (AT1 / MR) Cass County Community Center (805 W 10th)
1 Atlantic 1st Ward &
8 Brighton, Grove, Pymosa, Washington Twp/Marne
COMBINED PRECINCT 2 (AT2- 5) Cass County Community Center (805 W 10th)
2 Atlantic 2nd Ward;
3 Atlantic 3rd Ward;
4 Atlantic 4th Ward &
5 Atlantic 5th Ward
COMBINED PRECINCT 3 (LW / GS / VI) Griswold Community Bldg. (601 2nd St)
6 Bear Grove, Cass Twp/Lewis;
9 Edna, Victoria Twp &
11 Noble, Pleasant Twp/Griswold
COMBINED PRECINCT 4 (AN / WI) Anita Community Center (805 Main St)
7 Benton, Franklin Twp/Wiota &
10 Grant, Lincoln Twp /Anita
COMBINED PRECINCT 5 (MS / CU) Cumberland Community Bldg. (200 W 2nd)
12 Massena Twp/City of Massena &
13 Union Twp/City of Cumberland
NOTICE: Iowa Law states that in order to vote in a PRIMARY ELECTION you must choose either a
REPUBLICAN or a DEMOCRATIC PARTY Ballot. (Sec. 43.38, Code of Iowa) Each voter will declare and/or
change party affiliation at the polls on the day of the election when the voter signs the election register.
Notice–Curbside Voting: Any voter who is physically unable to enter a polling place has the right to vote in
the voter’s vehicle.
Please contact the county auditor’s office for details (Phone: 243-4570; Email:
Persons attempting to vote in the wrong precinct will be directed to the correct precinct. Persons must
register in Cass County to be eligible to vote in Cass County. Persons who have changed their name
and/or address within Cass Co. will be required to re-register at the polls before being permitted to vote.
Pre-Registration for persons to vote in this Primary Election closes at 5:00 P.M. Friday, May 22, 2020. Same
day registration and voting is permitted after voter presents proof of identity and residency.

-s- Dale E. Sunderman, Cass County Election Commissioner