General Elections


Dates to Remember:

  • Monday, October 19, 2022 1st day to vote in the Auditor’s Office
    1st day absentee ballots may be mailed to requestors
  • Monday October 24, 2022 Deadline to request an absentee ballot.  Auditor’s Office is open until 5:00 PM 
  • Saturday, November 5, 2022 Auditor’s Office open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Monday, November 7, 2022 Last day to vote in the Auditor’s Office (open until 5:00 pm)
  • Monday, November 6, 2022 Postmark Deadline for Absentee Ballots (Ballots must be postmarked on or before this day and received in the Auditor’s office by 8:00 PM on November 8th.
  • Changes from 2016:
    • Straight-ticket voting has been eliminated.  Each position on ballot must be individually voted.
    • Identification (ID) must be provided prior to voting. Drivers License or PIN Card.

A general election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are up for election. The term is usually used to refer to elections held for a nation’s primary legislative body, as distinguished from by-elections and local elections.

Notice of Election & Polling Places


(This is for information only and is not for paid advertising)
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to encourage social distancing, so voters in Iowa are being
asked to consider voting absentee by mail for the 2020 General Election on November 3, 2020. The Secretary of State,
as he did for the Primary Election, has or shortly will be mailing absentee ballot request forms for the November 3, 2020 General Election.
The mailing will go to each active registered voter in Iowa, and the forms are pre-addressed for return mailing to County Auditors. The
Cass County Auditor recommends that the voters of Cass County take advantage of the right to vote early by mail.
You may apply for an absentee ballot now, but ballots will not be mailed until on or after October 5.
Absentee ballot request forms are also available on the website of the Iowa Secretary of State
( or you may contact the Cass County Auditor and
have a form mailed or emailed to you. Phone: 712-243-4570.
The CDC also believes that people aged 65 years and older are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID- 19 and
should stay home and avoid close contact. A majority of Iowa’s Precinct Election Officials (PEOs) are older than 65,
and several PEOs, statewide, are declining to serve as PEOs for this General election. For this and other reasons, the
majority of County Auditors in Iowa are combining precincts for the 2020 General Election.
The Cass County Auditor (Local Commissioner of Elections) has decided to combine the regular 13 Cass County
voting precincts into 9 combined precincts and has chosen voting locations which he believes will best serve the
voters of Cass County. Those combined precincts and voting locations are:
COMBINED PRECINCT 1 (AT1 / MR) Cass County Community Center (805 W 10th)
1 Atlantic 1st Ward &
8 Brighton Township, Grove Township, Pymosa Township, Washington Township / City of Marne
COMBINED PRECINCT 2 (AT2- 3) Cass County Community Center (805 W 10th)
2 Atlantic 2nd Ward &
3 Atlantic 3rd Ward;
COMBINED PRECINCT 3 (AT4- 5) Cass County Community Center (805 W 10th – South Entrance)
4 Atlantic 4th Ward &
5 Atlantic 5th Ward
COMBINED PRECINCT 4 (LW) Lewis Public Library (412 W Main St, Lewis)
6 Bear Grove Township, Cass Township / City of Lewis;
COMBINED PRECINCT 5 (GS) Griswold Community Building (601 2nd St)
11 Noble Township, Pleasant Township / City of Griswold
COMBINED PRECINCT 6 (ED / VI) Cumberland Community Building (200 W 2nd)
9 Edna Township, Victoria Township
COMBINED PRECINCT 7 (AN / WI) Anita Community Center (805 Main St)
7 Benton Township, Franklin Township / City of Wiota; &
10 Grant Township, Lincoln Township / City of Anita
COMBINED PRECINCT 8 (MS) Massena Public Library (122 Main St, Massena)
12 Massena Township / City of Massena
COMBINED PRECINCT 9 (CU / UN) Cumberland Community Building (200 W 2nd)
13 Union Township / City of Cumberland

General Election Results

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