Cass County Landfill

Cass Landfill

Sanitary Landfill
65928 Jackson Road
Atlantic, IA 50022

(712) 243-0990


  • Brandi Mericle


  • Robert Richert
  • Jebidiah Marshall

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 12:00 noon
(December, January, & February – Open 1st Saturday of the month ONLY)

2024 Holiday Closing Schedule

January 1 (Monday) – New Year’s Day
February 19 (Monday) – Presidents Day
March 29 (Friday) – Good Friday
May 27 (Monday) – Memorial Day
July 4 (Thursday) – Independence Day
September 2 (Monday) – Labor Day                                    November 11 (Monday) – Veterans Day                              November 28 (Thursday) – Thanksgiving
December 24 (Tuesday) – Christmas Eve            December 25 (Wednesday) – Christmas Day

(All rates subject to change.  Please contact landfill to verify disposal fees.)

Solid Waste/Construction Demo 100/ton ($0.05/pound) Minimum of $10/load (Minimum Car Load $5)

Metal is banned from being buried in the landfill, but can be recycled free of charge. Please separate metal out of the load or face a possible double charge.
White Goods (Appliances)$15 eachIncludes, but is not limited to:
washers, dryers, microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, A/C units, furnaces, dehumidifiers, water heaters, water coolers, etc...

These items do not need to have the Freon removed, but CANNOT contain any food or garbage.
Tires $3.00Small tire (wheelbarrow, lawnmower, etc.)
 $4.00Small tire on rim
 $4.00Car/ATV tire
 $9.00Car tire on rim
 $10.00Pickup tire
 $15.00Pickup tire on rim
 $20.00Large tire (truck, semi, etc.)
 $25.00Large tire on rim
 $0.15/per poundAll other sizes, mixed or large load (5 or more tires)
E-waste (TV’s, monitors, laptops, etc)$10.0019” and under
 $20.00Over 19"
 All other electronic components such as keyboard, cpu’s, vcr’s, fax machines, modems, printers, etc. will be accepted for recycling free of charge at this time.

Other Items Accepted

Used Motor Oil:  Should not contain any antifreeze, gasoline, diesel, or any product other than oil. The collected motor oil is generally used in oil burners to generate heat.  Contaminants can cause severe damage and pose a serious safety risk.  Accepted at no charge for small amounts, but quantities must be reported to scale operator.

Used Oil Filters:  Must be completely drained (punch hole and let drain on a screen over bucket).  Can be Recycled with scrap metal.

Used Antifreeze:  Must be uncontaminated (no material other than antifreeze).  Report quantity to scale operator.  Free of charge for small amounts.

Automotive Batteries:  Free of charge.  Do not transport if leaking.

Household Batteries:  Free of charge.  Regular alkaline batteries can be disposed of in regular trash.  Rechargeable batteries and Lithium batteries can be brought to our facility and recycled at no charge.  Lithium batteries are common in phones, flashlights, light-up shoes, etc. and are known to catch fire easily or even explode.  Please use caution when handling and never place in regular garbage.

Light Bulbs:  Regular incandescent bulbs can be disposed of in regular trash.  Fluorescent bulbs, LED’s, and CFL’s (the twisty bulbs) from households can be brought to the landfill for disposal at no charge.  (There is a charge for disposal for businesses, or if there are large quantities.)  There are also green buckets placed in each community for convenient disposal of CFL’s.  Contact us for the location near you.  These bulbs contain mercury, which even in small amounts is poisonous, so proper disposal is important.

Household Hazardous Materials

Items like paint, stain, garden chemicals, household cleaners, automotive chemicals, etc.
A program for safe disposal is in place – DO NOT place hazardous material in your regular trash.

  • This program is for HOUSEHOLD hazardous material. Our permit only allows us to accept material from residents of Cass County and Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (a small business that produces less than 200 pounds of hazardous material a year).  Therefore we are unable to handle large amounts of farm chemicals.
  • This disposal service is offered BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Only a couple members of the staff are authorized to accept this type of material, so they must be on site at the time of disposal.  Also we need to know what kind of quantity to expect and what kinds of materials that will be dropped off.  When you call to set up your appointment, we will do a simple screening over the phone that will help us prepare for safe handling and help advise you on safe transport.
  • Once the appointment is made – disposal is FREE for residents for household waste. There will be a charge for businesses or any commercial hazardous material.
  • We cannot accept ammunition, explosives, flares, etc. Please contact your local law enforcement for disposal.
  • No needles or biohazardous waste accepted.
  • SWAP SHOP – We have a separate area available where we will place all the paint, cleaners, stains, varnishes, etc. that are still in good condition. Then during business hours, the public can come take a look and check out up to 5 items they can use on their own projects.  The materials are free, but please only take what you can use in a reasonably short time.

Yard Waste (grass clippings, limbs, leaves) is BANNED from the landfill.  Contact your local city hall to get information about the location and regulations about local yard waste sites.


The following materials may be brought to the recycling center during business hours.

Plastics #1-7Labels may be left on
Remove lids
Rinse inside and out
Flatten to save room in recycle bins
If there is no number (1-7) on the bottom of the item, it is not accepted
NO plastic bags or plastic wrap
NO Styrofoam
Containers that have held oily products such as mayonnaise, butter, salad dressing, peanut butter, cooking oil, or motor oil are not accepted
Do not bag
MetalLabels may be left on cans
Rinse inside and out
Flatten if possible
Do not bag
CardboardFlatten all boxes
Do not include packing material such as Styrofoam or bubble wrap
Brown paper grocery bags can be recycled with the cardboard
Newspaper/MagazinesMust be clean and dry
Do not bundle or bag
Ads and catalogs are included
Paper egg cartons go in this bin
Mixed Office PaperMust be clean and dry
Shredded paper, copy paper, envelopes and pastel colored paper are all accepted
Do not need to remove staples
No construction paper
No binders or books
BooksBooks can be recycled with newspapers and magazines.
GlassCan be brought out to the recycling center. Do not bag. No window glass, Pyrex, Corelle, ceramic, or light bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’ve got a pickup of trash to bring out – how much is that going to cost?
The minimum charge is $10.00.  That covers you up to about 200 pounds.  After that first 200 pounds, it costs $0.05/pound.  We are asked quite often what a pickup load will cost but that depends on what kind of material is in the load.  A few bags of household garbage is going to be totally different than a pickup full of landscape timbers.  Additionally, if you have items like TV’s, appliances, tires etc there will be a separate fee for those items.
Can I rent a dumpster of big rolloff container from the landfill?
We do not rent containers.  You will need to contact one of the local haulers for that service.  When you see our truck out on the road with a box on the back, it is hauling recyclables only.
Are all plastics recyclable?
Unfortunately, no.  It needs to have a chasing arrows symbol with a number and be a pure plastic material to be recyclable.  So, plastic wrap, packaging, vinyl, PVC, Styrofoam, etc are NOT recyclable.  Plastic shopping bags need to be taken to the barrels/boxes at the entrance of local stores – we do not have the ability to recycle them at our facility.  Also, even if it has a chasing arrows symbol, but has contained something with a high oil content such as peanut butter, margarine, salad dressing or motor oil, it cannot be recycled.  The oil seeps into the plastic material and degrades the plastic.  Also, items that contain a mix of materials, such as plastic toys with metal parts or vcr tapes, cannot be recycled.
Why do we have to be so picky?  The majority of plastics being recycled in the United States were typically sent overseas for manufacturing and packaging purposes.  Now – foreign markets have closed their borders to our recycling materials so the domestic markets are flooded.  Recycling facilities can now afford to be choosy about what they accept and will only deal with the purest materials.  If we send anything less than the highest quality, entire loads can be rejected
If you have any questions whether something is recyclable, please call our office and ask, or send us an email.  We are always happy to help.
How do I get to the landfill?
From Atlantic – From Wal-Mart corner, south on Hwy 71 about ½ mile.  Turn east on Jackson Road.  Continue 4 miles on the blacktop.
From Anita & Wiota – West on White Pole Road to 665th St.  South 2 miles to Jackson Road.  Turn right and continue west about ½ mile.
From Massena – West on Hwy 92 (Richland Rd) to N28(690th st.)  Turn north, going through Cumberland and continue about 6 miles to Jackson Rd.  Turn left and continue on Jackson 3 miles.
From Cumberland – North on N28 (690th st) 6 miles to Jackson Rd.  Turn left and continue 3 miles.
From Griswold and Lewis:  North on Hwy 71 to Jackson Rd.  Look for green Sanitary Landfill sign.  (If you make it to the WalMart corner, you’ve gone too far).  Turn east on Jackson and continue on blacktop 4 miles.
Do I need to sort my load before I get out to the landfill?
If you will be bringing out a load with different items, for example; a couple bicycles, a microwave, a tire, a few bags of trash, and some furniture, it’s easier if you don’t mix all those items together.  In our example, if you load the bikes, microwave, and tire toward the back of your load, we can direct you where to unload those items first.  The metal is recycled at no charge, while the microwave and tire, have a per item fee.  Therefore, you’d want to get those things unloaded before we get the weight on the remainder of your load.
I have large items that won’t fit in the doors of the recycling bins – can I just leave them beside the bins?
Please only recycle items that will fit inside the bins easily.  Chances are – if it’s too big to fit in the openings, it’s not recyclable.  And if you just leave it on the ground – that’s not recycling, that’s open dumping.  And that’s illegal.  Unfortunately, all too often, we find piles of items that people have just dumped at the recycle sites in an effort to avoid paying for disposal.  Not only is this an eyesore, it can be a safety hazard for those residents there to properly recycle items.  Then we have to redirect employees away from their regular job duties, to go clean up around those bins.  We need everyone to help us take care of these sites, so we can continue to provide this service to the residents of Cass County.