Medical Examiner's Office

Medical Examiner’s Office

Cass Hospital

County Medical Examiner:

Dr. Elaine Berry
Dr. Angela Weppler, Deputy
Darci Young, RN, Investigator          Tabetha Smith, RN, Investigator        Michelle Schroder, RN, Investigator        Andrea Stork, RN, Investigator


1501 East 10th Street
Atlantic, IA 50022
(712) 243-2850
fax. (712) 243-5111

Downloadable Forms

Downloadable forms

  • No forms are currently available from the Cass County Medical Examiner’s office
  • County Medical Examiner shall be either a licensed doctor of medicine or licensed osteopathic physician of the county, who shall investigate any death caused from violence, sudden, or suspicious manner as specified in Chapter 331.801 of the 1985 Code and, report same to County Attorney and State Bureau of Criminal Investigation.
  • Compensation plus actual expenses for each investigation shall be paid by county.
  • Medical Examiner shall perform such autopsies as deemed necessary or are required by County Attorney or State Medical Examiner.