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911 Application for Employment

911 Dispatcher Job Description:
Position Summary:
Under immediate to general supervision; receives, comprehends and disseminates emergency communications in public safety, criminal justice, jail and emergency management fields via telephone, person-to-person, and a variety of telecommunications methods and two-way radio. Makes immediate independent decisions and takes decisive action to preserve life and property. Performs related work as required.
Knowledge of departmental information, dissemination and security policies and procedures, knowledge of jail procedures, visually monitoring by camera all inmates in their confinements twenty-four hours a day.
 Knowledge of the procedures used in entering and retrieving information from the Iowa Online Warrants and Articles (IOWA) System, National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and the National Law Enforcement Teletype System (NLETS).
 Maintains security and ensures operation of the communications center at all times.
 Continually aware of peace officer’s safety and takes appropriate action.
 Receives, interprets and determines priority data for transmission.
 Obtains, organizes and disseminates confidential criminal data and records, emergency and disaster information, traffic and traffic safety information; incorrect decisions may result in human injury or death.
 Compiles and constructs information on persons wanted for major crimes, stolen vehicles and property, missing persons and other similar matters.
 Determines proper response procedures, personnel and equipment.
 Receive and enter into the IOWA System all warrants, stolen items, and missing persons.
 Provide paging service for various county agencies.
 Monitor towed vehicle files.
 Summarizes and documents all telecommunications and related information.
Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics:
Ability to reason logically and to verbally communicate information distinctly, concisely, and non-emotionally under extreme stress.
 Ability to quickly research, interpret and understand information and to logically record it with accurate and full meaning.
 Ability to interpret coded information and to translate and transcribe with speed and accuracy.
 Ability to pass the Basic Iowa System Training within six months of hire (subject to class availability) or have previously completed the class.
 Ability to pass the IOWA and NCIC certification test as required by the Iowa Department of Public Safety or have current certification.
 Ability to keep confidential any and all information that the communications operator may be involved with from all departments from investigation and routine traffic.
 Ability to relay all information correctly and accurately to the proper agencies during the operators tour of duty and to the on-coming operator for the next shift.
 Ability to effectively deal with people from all sectors, including medical, professional, criminal, and the general public under diverse and often stressful circumstances.
 Ability to operate all communications center equipment.
 Knowledge of communications systems, frequencies, and equipment capabilities.
 Skill in using a computer for word processing, record keeping and fiscal management.
 Knowledge of basic accounting, bookkeeping and budget principles and practices.
 Ability to proficiently operate standard office equipment.
 Ability to access and interpret sources of technical information, including local, state, and federal regulations and professional journals and related publications.
 Knowledge and ability to accurately read and understand maps and other sources of information relating to emergency response.
 Ability to accurately calculate figures and amounts, such as discounts, interest, commissions, proportions, percentages, area, circumference and volume.
 Ability to prepare and interpret basic statistical reports.
 Ability to safely lift, carry, push or pull objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
 Vision requirements include close, distance, color, peripheral, depth perception, and the ability to focus.
Entry Requirements:
Graduation from high school or GED.
 Possession of and the ability to maintain a valid Iowa driver’s license.
 Successful passing of a thorough background check.